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Renault Zoe
5 doors/5 seats and spacious for its size. Europe’s Best selling Battery electric car has been further enhanced with a new battery giving extended range of around 200 miles although both first and second generation should provide no range worries on island! Various trim specifications are available for the Zoe.
Vehicle length/width/height: 4.08 M/1.73 M / 1.56 M
Currently one of very few electric models in the Mercedes line up but a very capable car with a 28 kWh battery, an NEDC range of 124 and a turning circle of 11 metres. Autoexpress reported that it was ‘far better than its internal combustion engine sisters..’
Vehicle length/width/height 4.39 M /1.78 M/1.56 M
Volkswagen E-Up
2 and 4 door specification. Expensive but well specified alternative to the standard Up which is nimble and well suited to island driving. Realistic range is between 50 (winter) and 80 miles on one charge. Battery warrantee 8 years.
length/width/height: 3.6 M /1.64 M /1.49 M
Nissan Leaf
The world’s best selling plug in electric vehicle. 5 doors/5seats hatchback comes in two power versions, 24 kWh and 30 kWh. The 24kWh give an official range of 124 miles, the 30kWh 155 miles. Both handle very well thanks to the low position of the battery which reduces the centre of gravity. There are different trim versions in the Acenta and Tekna.
Vehicle length/width /height 4.44 M /1.77 M /1.55 M
Peugeot iOn
Surprisingly spacious 5 door/4 seater. The Ion which is more or less the same as the Mitsubishi i-Miev. It was one of the first production electric models and are well proven. Very tight turning circle.
Vehicle length/width/height: 3.47 M/1.47 M /1.61 M
Citroen Czero
Same as Peugeot Ion, the C Zero has a slightly different choice of colours and uses Citroen’s Connect system
Vehicle length/width/height: 3.47 M/1.47 M /1.61 M
Renault Twizy ZE
Seating for 2 (1+1 behind driver), the Twizy costs barely anything to run and is great fun to drive. A top speed of 50 mph but it feels quicker. Consider it a cross between a motorbike and a car. Stirling Moss owns a custom one! Small enough to park at 90 degrees.

Vehicle length/width (inc.doors&mirrors) /height 2.34 M /1.40 M /1.45 M
VW E-Golf/Golf GTE
The Golf comes as battery electric E-Golf and Plug-in Hybrid PHEV. Both are good island vehicles. The PHEV will manage 31 miles officially before the petrol engine kicks in.
Vehicle length/width/height: 4.27 M /1.80 M /1.55 M
Volvo XC90
5 door, 7 seats and 27 miles range in electric mode. The XC90 was Autoexpress car of the year in 2015. She will make her presence known.
Vehicle length/width/height: 4.95 M/ 2.00 M/ 1.78 M
Tesla Model X
The third model from Tesla with falcon doors. It comes with either 75 kWh or 90 kWh and all wheel drive. Turning circle is 12.4 m. Great car with mind blowing acceleration but some limitations on island due to size. Falcon door wings should impress neighboursVehicle length/width/height: 5.06 M/ 2.07 M/ 1.68 M
Smart for 2 Cabriolet
This is the fourth generation Smart. Smarts are designed first and foremost as urban runabouts. Range will be approximately 92 to 96 miles on a single charge with numerous personalisation options. Battery electric drive is now an option on all models. Both fixed and cabriolet versions available.

Vehicle length/width/height: 2.7 M/ 1.66 M /1.55 M
Kia Soul EV
Appearance exactly the same as the standard Soul except for discrete badges. This crossover SUV has 5 doors/5 seats and a lithium ion battery of 30.5 kWh. It has an official range of 132 miles, about 106 real miles. A well specified model with good reviews.
Vehicle length/width/height: 4.14 m /1.80 m /1.60 m
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