Home Charging

Home Charging is the most common way of charging an electric car if you have a driveway or garage. You can either use slow charging overnight using a standard 3 pin socket or a standard 7.2 kWh fast charge point which is twice as quick. Most electric vehicles come supplied with a 13 amp charging cable and/or fast charge cable depending on model.  A plug-in hybrid has a smaller battery and is therefore quicker to charge albeit it with very limited range.  The domestic type cable has a charger built into the cable so when the vehicle is fully charged, a light will be displayed - usually green to show charging and blue when fully charged.  The average charge time is between eight and twelve hours for a battery electric car.  In principal, vehicle charging is not dissimilar to charging a smartphone but it draws a higher current.

Many people choose to fit a standard fast charge wall point which will charge a car within 3 to 6 hours depending on model. This is a device which has a control unit, breaker and relays to communicate with the vehicle's computer control unit and carefully balances voltage and current to protect the batteries and ensure safe usage. A charge point is more convenient to use as the cable is less bulky and the charging illumination is easy to see, being sited on the wall. A charge point unit will cost from around £350 to £600 in general. In any case, any extra outlay for vehicle or installation will be more than recouped in savings on fuel over time.


The Charge point or domestic outlet should be no more than 5 metres from the parking spot. Any qualified electrician will be able to install a home charger. The units are available from electrical wholesalers in 16 amp or 32 amp., the latter recommended for new EV's. 


If you want to charge at another location, be it workplace or public charge point,

carry the fast charge cable with you in the boot of the car.  Fast charge cables are

available in various lengths in straight or coiled configuration with 2 different

connectors, type 2 (Mennekes) or type 1 (Yazaki / J1772) according vehicle make and model.


Chargemaster charge point
Evolt EV charge point

2 types of  fast charge point .