Why drive electric?


If you have never driven an electric car, you may be surprised to learn that most electric cars have only one gear, are fun to drive and much more energy efficient than the average internal combustion engine vehicle therefore making them both economical to run and easier on the planet's resources overall. 


Electric vehicles are a fast growing segment of the vehicle market which is changing rapidly with the added development of autonomous vehicles opening up a whole world of possibilities.  With auto manufacturers investing heavily in new technology, find out which models are on the market and what's coming soon.

Choice is currently more limited than traditional vehicles but there are models available across every segment and more being introduced all the time as manufacturers switch investment from diesel and petrol propulsion to electric drive.

There are certain factors to be aware before deciding to make the switch to electric;


first generation battery electric vehicles usually have a range of under 100 miles and replenishing the battery pack will take a minim of half hour but usually several hours or even overnight if using low voltage domestic supply. 


However range is increasing on each new model introduced. For example the Renault Zoe, first launched in 2012 with 130 miles NEDC range now comes with an official range of 250 miles.  There is also a greater range of pre-owned vehicles coming on the secondhand market.

Electric vehicles are user friendly and practical as a daily form of transport for private and business use. There's much less noise and no petrol or diesel fumes to breath in.  Driving electric makes cold starts and oil changes a thing of the past. 

This site is designed to help people get initiated with with the choice of electric plug-in vehicles available on the market today.  Find out the difference between a BEV, (Battery electric vehicle) a PHEV, (plug in hybrid electric vehicle) and information on charging etc.

Hopefully, this site will lead you in the right direction to the car or e-bike you're looking for or at least  get a  better understanding of what's out there.